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Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer-Florist and the Home Gardener

Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer-Florist and the Home Gardener

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Kristine Albrecht of Santa Cruz Dahlias is known throughout the world as the creator of some of the most sought-after new dahlia varieties. With 16 years of hybridizing experience Kristine is the rare breeder developing beautiful new dahlia varieties for florists and designers as well as award-winning varieties for show.

In these pages readers will discover step-by-step descriptions and illustrations on breeding new dahlia varieties from seed.

Kristine reveals her secrets on subjects like:

-Collecting Seed
-Germinating Seed
-Caring for Young Seedlings
-Dominant and Recessive Traits
-Pollination Strategies
-Dahlia Genetics

Although breeding dahlias involves science and genetics, Kristine makes the subject clear and easy to follow. She is known on Instagram as an important educator of all aspects of dahlia growing. In this volume she brings her warm and casual teaching style to a subject that is little understood and rarely shared. This is a must-read book for any new dahlia grower who wants to take their growing practice to the next level.

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